Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Multiple Opportunities in Ras Al Khaimah Airways - UAE


We know we're not average or conventional, and so we're always looking for other non-average folks to join our (superhero) team.
Current Vacancies
Position �Revenue Accountant (with Airline experience)

Job Responsibilities:

� Controls and processes revenue accounting and monthly reconciliations.
� Assists in the Administration of whole WA Revenue processing system
� Audits daily Office Sales return, Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) Sales, Agency Debit  Memos [ADMs] and Agency Credit Memos [ACMs].
� Revenue processing setup and improvements, system developments.
� Prepares supporting data for monthly/quarterly reports and financial statements.
� Preparation of database reports for finance & accounting departments.
� Close interactions with the Marketing, Sales and Groups teams in relation to revenue accounting process

Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com
Title: - A320 Flight Dispatchers
Job Responsibitlies:
  • Assist the Pilot-in-command in flight preparation and provide the relevant information.
  • Assist the pilot-in-command in preparing the operational and ATS flight plans, sign when applicable and file the ATS flight plan with the appropriate ATS unit.
  • Furnish the pilot-in-command while in flight, by appropriate means, with information which may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight.
  • Safe and legal flight planning of all company flights, including Zero Fuel weight (ZFW) estimation, MEL/CDL, and operating environment considerations prior to OFP Computation.
  • Thoroughly analyze the possible effects of the weather on the route to be flown in the light of meteorological reports and forecast for the destination and alternate aerodromes; recent weather reports and forecast.
  • Decided on a possible route or alternative routes which maybe flown safely and in accordance with the airlines procedures and standards.
  • Prepared an operational flight plan consistent with operational procedures ATC regulations and the regulations of all the states to be over flown.
  • Collect the latest available data on, aerodrome facilities, ATC and communications procedures, NOTAM, runway conditions, search and rescue facilities and other information likely to affect the flight.
  • To exercise responsibilities with the Commander in the operational control center of a flight in preparing all details pertaining to the proposed flight, including the nature and duration of the flight, weather conditions, airway routing to be used, fuel requirements and so forth.
  • To provide the commander with all available current reports or so information on aerodrome conditions and irregularities of navigation facilities that may affect the safety of flight.
  • Show him the route analysis and the operational flight plan he has prepared bringing to his attention the factors that have influenced the choice of the route.
  • Countersign the operational flight plan before the PIC has signed it.
  • Prepare and file the ATC flight plan.
  • Furnish the PIC while in flight by appropriate means, with information which maybe necessary for the safe conduct of the flight.
  • In the event of an emergency, initiate such procedures as maybe outlined. In the event of an emergency, a flight dispatcher shall initiate such procedures as outlined in the operations manual while avoiding taking any action that would conflict with ATC procedures; and convey safety related information to the pilot-in-command that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight, including information related to any amendments to the flight plan that become necessary in the course of the flight.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com
The responsibility of the job function is to ensure 100% service delivery of the "RAK PREMIER" ground product to every "RAK PREMIER" passenger as per the outlined responsibilities.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Deliver the RAK PREMIER programme operation by monitoring daily travel requirements of RAK PREMIER, CIP, VIP, VVIP passengers and continue to optimise product performance through continuous interaction with internal, external parties and customers
  • Ensuring RAK PREMIER, CIP, VIP, VVIP guests are met and escorted from the drop off point to the aircraft as per the applicable RAK PREMIER product delivery standards while assisting an efficient, safe, and secure on time departure and efficient arrival of RAK PREMIER.
  • Ensuring daily movement report is 100% accurate and circulated every 6hrs and all other required reports/documentations are maintained with 100% accuracy and all escalations/ any service recovery assignments are executed efficiently.
  • Ensuring that the grooming standards are maintained as per the grooming manual and maintain punctuality in attendance, shift briefings, weekly and monthly meetings, communication via response systems such as email/mobile phones.
  • Ensuring that the RAK PREMIER limousine service motor vehicles are maintained in a clean status with drivers that are groomed as per the RAK PREMIER product delivery standards.
  • Ensure knowledge and promotion of RAK Airways products and services and continue to up sell services or RAK PREMIER to ECONOMY CLASS passengers.
  • Ensure to maintain/introduce cost control, efficient mechanisms to increase departmental operational efficiency while decreasing/saving cost.
Job Requirements & Competencies:
  • Work Experience- Minimum 1 year on similar role.
  • Height/Weight - Despite gender must be 5 foot 4 inches and above with weight in proportion
  • Systems - Knowledge in DCS, check-in, immigration, lounge and boarding systems will be an added advantage.
*Please send us your updated resume  to careers@rakairways.com attached with your latest photograph (one full length and a passport size photo) preferably in formal attire.
Position �QUALITY AUDITOR (IOSA Certified)-Urgent Requirement
Job Responsibilities:
  • The development, establishment and management of the overall quality system.
  • Reviewing Audit Reports produced by the Quality Monitors /Auditors as required.
  • Liaising with the Head of Quality regarding contracted approved maintenance organizations on all quality matters, including responses to Quality Audits.
  • Participating in the investigation of Air Safety Reports and mandatory occurrence defects reports.
  • Monitoring that all contracted maintenance, including sub-contracted work, to ensure it is carried out in accordance with the contract in force.
  • Ensure that all aircraft, Engine, component and equipment maintenance is carried out by an appropriate GCAA approved organizations.
  • Monitoring the receipt of, and compliance with, applicable airworthiness directives.
  • Ensure and monitor the effectiveness of the aircraft approved maintenance program.
  • Liaise with the Operations Department with respect to Quality matters of mutual interest.
  • Act as an independent Auditor on Behalf of RAK Airways. 
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com
Position � Distribution Manager
Job Responsibilities:
  • Development and compiling of the strategic Business Plan for the distribution channel, budgeting of turnover and cost targets per route and country in cooperation with managers in the regions.
  • Monthly monitoring of the distribution sales pertaining to new strategic orientations
  • Responsibility for the organization of effective pricing and negotiations of the GDS channels.
  • Development and fulfillment of contracts with business partners (GSA/GDS/OTA�s etc).
  • Profitability and performance of the distribution channel Market research and analysis.
  • Provide Reports, recommendations and presentations.
  • Responsible for worldwide Distribution of the airline products in a cost effective manager(Fares,Inventory,Schedule etc)
  • Responsible for the Direct Distribution Strategy of the airline (consumer website, corporate and trade websites, mobile and Call Centers) .
  • Provide overall business ownership and leadership of technical systems, commercial-financial reporting and call centre set-up and management in order to drive sales and timely reporting.
  • Develop and implement the distribution strategy for both code shares and interlines to get the best return on investment.
  • Research, development and methodology studies with GDS for optimal distribution of RAK Airways in GDSs.
  • Negotiate and conclude GDS Participation Agreements.
  • Research system enhancements and developments for GDS functionality and oversee the implementation there of with IT and CRS.
  • Investigate and research new technology trends in distribution.
  • Enhance RT distribution efficiency by targeting low cost channels and sources.
  • Interpretation and analysis of Cornerstone Audit reports on GDS booking information for preventing abuses resulting in revenue loss.
  • Prepare and produce statistical data on GDS invoices and bookings data.
  • Compiling and control of budget for Distribution.
  • Verification and quality control of Distribution invoices with Finance.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com
Position � CABIN CREW MANAGER � A320 Experienced (Urgent Requirement)
Job Responsibilities:
  • Providing proactive and customer based front-line management to a multi-cultural cabin crew workforce
  • Responsibility for managing ongoing crew performance , motivation and development through direct contact and the consistent application of corporate policies agreed service delivered standards
  • Create an internal customer service excellence throughout the cabin crew team
  • Ensure that all cabin crew deliver the highest standard of services on board
  • Ensure that all company policy, requirements and decisions meet the legal requirements with regard to all relevant legislation in current force.
  • To ensure, in conjunction with the Head of Flight Operations, that there are sufficient and suitably qualified personnel employed and / or trained to hold all relevant positions within the cabin services department to maintain the highest standards of safety and efficiency.
  • In conjunction with the Head of Flight Operations and Head of Flight Training, that all staff have the required training, manuals and resources to perform their own personal �terms of reference� in a safe and efficient manner.
  • In conjunction with the Head of Flight Operations and Head of Flight Training, that all staff are monitored to ensure that the required level of flight safety standards are met and ensure records are maintained.
  • Ensure that the welfare, morale and discipline of all cabin crew is maintained at the highest level through constant review and communication and ensure that the personal files are kept current.
  • Planning and executing the onboard service requirements for the company in liaison with the
  • To train a deputy in the Cabin Crew Manager Duties and responsibilities to enable the company to continue to function in a safe and efficient manner in the absence or loss of the Cabin Crew Manager.
Applicant should possess minimum 4 years experience in Cabin Crew Department in Managerial level.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com
 Country Manager
Job Responsibilities:
  • Research, monitor and analyze trends and developments in multiple markets, examining their possible impact on travel to the region existing operation and to compile market intelligence.
  • Recommend initial activity plan for discussion with senior management including targeted promotions for specific markets (as a component of the annual Sales Plans) and ensure timelines are met to achieve company profitability.
  • Formulate individual tour operator targets for the purposes of the annual Sales plans.
  • Work closely with the Marketing Department to establish measurable incentive schemes with tour operators.
  • Implement and monitor success of the incentives to stimulate business growth and reach set targets.
  • Presents proposals to Commercial Director for new accounts and evaluates existing business ensuring the company's policies are adhered to in the form of payment procedures and account set-up.
  • Prepares and conducts presentations for clients in liaison with Marketing Department according to the specific requirements of each market and product.
  • Maintain effective contact with trade organisations and leisure service providers within the region, to identify and recommend potential products.
  • To sustain a high level of knowledge on the destinations/products on offer including range of products and services as well as those of competitors.
  • To maintain and continuously develop relationships with travel agents and corporate accounts.
  • Prepares and submits brief documents for all promotional / operational collateral as per the activity plan for Commercial review.
  • Develop appropriate local marketing techniques and ensure use of latest communications technology.
  • Ensure implementation and promotion of service, Guest Recognition Program and etc.
  • Create and manage segmented customer and trade databases.
  • Responsible for setting up GSA in various countries.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to careers@rakairways.com.
Job Title: A320 Captains (New Attractive Package!!)
Job Description:
Our new improved package includes an attractive salary and other additional benefits!
Candidates interested in applying for these positions should meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Current and valid A320 type rating.
  • Total flying time of 5000 hours.
  • 1000 hrs minimum on the type as PIC
  • The pilot must be current on the type.
  • Candidates should be not more than 55 years of age.
  • No history of accidents or incidents.
  • Contract term is permanent.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to pilotrecruitment@rakairways.com 
Job Title: A320 First Officers (New Attractive Package!!)
Job Description
Our new improved package includes an attractive salary and other additional benefits!
 Current and valid A320 type rating.
  • Total flying time of 3000 hours.
  • 500 hrs minimum on the type as FO
  • The pilot must be current on the type.
  • Candidates should be not more than 55 years of age.
  • No history of accidents or incidents.
  • Contract term is permanent.
Please send us an updated resume together with a cover letter to pilotrecruitment@rakairways.com